Real-Time ACH

Good Funds, is defined simply as: Collected funds in a bank account and usable instantly by the owner of the account. Our "Good Funds" payment gateway allows for real-time digital payments that are instant, irrevocable, intra-bank and/or interbank account-to-account (A2A) transfers that utilize a real-time messaging system. Most Good Funds transactions are "Credit Push" versus "Debit Pull."

The Federal Reserve announced August 5, 2019 that FedNow, to be launched in 2023, which will offer Real-Time transactions.  The FedNow service will be offered through 11,000 U.S. based banks and financial institutions.

Good Funds Gateway, we believe, is the only payment processing gateway providing Real-Time ACH, "Good Funds" transactions, Wires, Visa Direct, ACH, Electronic Check, Credit Card, Debit Card and Paper Check conversion payment solutions all with one convenient login with the additional benefit of accounting software integrations! Our clients receive faster availability of funds on deposited items and instant notification of items presented for deposit – all based on real-time activity. Dedicated to providing superior customer service and industry-leading technology, GFGMS provides tools to help organizations of all sizes reduce transaction costs, mitigate risk and increase efficiencies. Our system ensures proper Authentication, Authorization, Verification, Settlement, Notifications and Postings.

Download our 'white-paper' entitled Real-Time ACH vs Wires

Real-Time ACH Value through Innovation