ISO 20022 Educational Documents Available and Real Time Payments

ISO 20022 Education Documents

Recently posted on the Business Payments Coalition website ( are two documents providing excellent educational content on ISO 20022:

U.S. Adoption of ISO 20022 (new):

Understanding ISO 20022 Resource Guide (updated version):

From Robert J. Blair, ASC X9, Co-Chair of the ISO 20022 Education and Promotion Work Group:

            Are corporations adopting ISO 20022 for use with U.S. payments? 

            The Business Payments Coalition raised this question in 2016. The white paper U.S. Adoption of ISO 20022 was prepared by the Vendor Forum’s ISO 20022 Education and Promotion Work Group in order to answer this question. The whitepaper includes information about banks offering ISO 20022-based U.S. payments services and corporations using those services. It features case studies which explain where, why and how corporations are using ISO 20022. 

            Adoption numbers are not huge and are definitely understated. Nonetheless, this research shows that a number of corporations have adopted ISO 20022 for use with U.S. payments and a number of banks offer payment systems using ISO 20022.  These numbers are expected to grow dramatically with the U.S. payment systems’ adoption of ISO 20022 real time payments in 2017 and with wire transfer payments in 2020/2021.


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